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Patent approved! No more "Pending"

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved the patent application for the MedConnex Hybrid on Demand database synchronization technology. This leading edge process allows for the continuous synchronization of local and on-line databases to provide an extremely responsive application and automatic off-site redundancy. It's a bright idea, whose time has come.

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EMR made simple. Focus on what matters.

We created our system with the end-user in mind. Our goal is to facilitate and improve your workflow by providing simple EMR/EHR solutions with access from various platforms that let you do more with less.

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Your data any where, any time. Join the cloud.

MedConnex aims to provide you with peace of mind. We know what your priorities are, and that's why we leverage the cloud in your favor. MedConnex saves your data in the cloud: that means your files are always backed up.

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Better systems. Improved patient health care.

Our MU and Drummond Certified EMR system was created to provide solutions for medical professionals. We aim to cut time spent on administrative tasks so you can put the focus back on your patients. Let us help you save time and improve patient care.

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Work online or offline. Better software, less hardware.

Our technology doesn't require local servers to get up and running and best of all it lets you work online or offline. Moreover, online backups are made automatically so you don't have to worry.

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